Texas State Troopers

Texas State Troopers

Courtesy, Service, Protection.

What are the Texas State Troopers?

The Texas State Troopers represent a symbol of professionalism and dedication amongst law enforcement agencies. They outperform any agency for outstanding victories against any obstacle they may face. Only the best are selected to become a Texas State Trooper as it is the elite agency. Troopers who are enlisted within the Texas State Troopers are tasked with enforcing motor vehicle laws, actively policing on state roads, assisting neighboring agencies, providing assistance with motor vehicle collisions, and a much more extensive list of duties. The Texas State Troopers offer many sub-divisions including; S.W.A.T, Air Unit, K-9 and many more. The expectations of a Trooper stands well above any other title as they are the face of Texas. Courtesy, Service, Protection.

Meet the Texas State Trooper Commissioners

Hello I am the Texas State Trooper Deputy Commissioner!

Hello I am the Texas State Trooper Commissioner!

Hello I am the Texas State Trooper Assistant Commissioner!