Texas State Troopers

Texas State Trooper Subdivisions

The Texas State Troopers has a wide variety of sub-divisions utilized for water, air, and land. The Marine Unit, for example, is entitled with the protection of Texas's waterways and provides assistance during splashdowns. The Motorbike unit, assists troopers facing the difficulties of chasing motorbikes in pursuits. The air unit covers air operations, and the K9 Unit work together to search for crucial evidence connected to the many duties of a Texas State Trooper. The sub-divisions all work together to assist the most elite law enforcement agency in the Texas Department of Public Safety Roleplay Server.

Texas State Rangers

The Texas Ranger Division is a major division within the Texas Department of Public Safety with lead criminal investigative responsibility for the following: major incident crime investigations, unsolved crime/serial crime investigations, public corruption and public integrity investigations, officer involved shooting investigations, and border security operations. The Texas Rangers may serve as officers of the court and assist in the maintenance of decorum, the protection of life, and the preservation of property and provide protection for elected officials at public functions and at any other time or place when directed. The Texas Rangers may conduct investigations of any alleged misconduct on the part of other Department of Public Safety personnel. 

Texas State Trooper Marine Unit

The Texas State Troopers Marine Unit serves the citizens of Texas by patrolling the waterways of Texas, and assisting local law enforcement agencies who might require a special sub-division due to splashdowns, attempted water evasions, and much more. The Texas State Troopers Marine Unit has two sub-divisions, a Dive Team, and a Tactical Marine Unit. The Dive Team conducts Search & Rescue operations with local Fire Department or Game Warden operations, and the Tactical Marine Unit unites with the Texas State Troopers SWAT if a danger is presented on the waters.

Texas State Trooper Speed Enforcement Unit

The Texas State Troopers Speed Enforcement Unit Subdivision (SEU) is tasked with the quick and precise calculation and execution of safe procedures in order to end traffic related issues, most namely vehicle pursuit. The elite subdivision operates with high end vehicles to quickly apprehend suspects as they flee from police. But SEU is more than just people with fast cars. We are also trained in proper traffic management and MVA extraction and fire department assists. The SEU provides a pivotal upper hand to law enforcement and a quicker layer of protection to the civilian population. 

Texas State Trooper S.W.A.T Team

The Special Weapons And Tactics team is an elite team that deals with high crime operations such as narcotics, bank robberies, search warrants, etc. This team is one whom is very secretive on operations and missions. 

Texas State Trooper Aviation Unit

The primary responsibility of the Texas State Troopers Aviation Unit is to directly support and assist uniformed and investigative personnel in their efforts to prevent crime, apprehend criminals, and sever the general public. This is accomplished by the unique ability to raise off the ground and provide a "birds-eye" view on the entirety of Dallas county.

Texas State Trooper Motorbike Unit

The Texas State Troopers Bike Unit Was assembled to enforce traffic infractions, assist in pursuits and attend charity events. The Bike Unit assists in pursuits by providing the ability to enhance mobility and range that Law Enforcement Officers in vehicles cannot perform keeping up with the suspect fleeing from the Law Enforcement Officers.The Texas State Troopers Bike Unit Is a very elite and strict subdivision. A very strict Standard Operating Procedure has been released and all troopers MUST follow the S.O.P. If a trooper is caught and or seen breaking said S.O.P there will be severe consequences. While Active Texas State Motor Bike Unit you must be as professional possible as we must maintain the respect and trust in the community of Dallas. 

Texas State Trooper K-9 Unit

The Texas State Trooper Canine unit is a subdivision in the Texas State Troopers. We specialize in finding drugs, bombs, or illegal possession of anything else. We also specialize in foot pursuits when suspects get out of our reach, then we release the canine. Go apply for the Texas State Trooper Canine Subdivision now!